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An Interesting Theory....

In the end of the Director's Cut/ European Cuts, Lii and Jack don't go racing off together in the sunset. Instead, Lili leaves the forest, promising to come tommorrow and Jack runs off into the sunset by himself. My sister was very irritated by this ending and was calling Lili a liar for not marrying Jack like she promised if he found the ring.  

Here's my theory:

When Lili first wakes up from Jack's kiss, she looks a bit confused as if she thought the whole thing was dreamed up. In fact, she says to Jack that she had "a most terrible nightmare" and "was it real?" Jack doesn't seem to confirm wether or not it really was and Lili realizes from her "dream" that it would be a horrible deed to take Jack from his home for her own selfish reasons. In conclusion, I don't think Lili is a liar because if she thought the whole thing was a dream, then the dream would have started with the unicorns, hence her promise of marrying the finder of her ring would have been part of her dream. 

Even if she realizes it wasn't a dream, I'm sure she's kept her promise by swearing her love to Jack. After all, she gave him the ring. Who knows? Maybe they'll have an inllegitimate child together. hehe. :) 

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