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Introduction...? Oy...

I saw a couple other people write out long paragraphs about them and their history of the movie so...


Well, about 7 years after the movie came out I was super little and my older sister had discovered it and watched it constantly. In a way, I grew up on this movie but never really watched the whole thing when I was a toddler. Just up until a little after Meg Mucklebones. Yep...
And then I didn't watch it for years... actually... I sort of re-discovered thanks to my sister about 2 years ago. When I watched it again it wasn't really how I remembered, but ah well. =3

Either way, I've always really liked Blix for some reason. I always thought his voice was sorta sexy. xD Even though he's played by a woman but ya know...

Ha. >__> That turned out longer than I thought it would. Too bad I'm not on my other computer or I might post some icons I made.
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